Happy Birthday, Nikita!

Image by Nikita Savchenko

Image by Nikita Savchenko

Today I’m celebrating a special birthday of a talented young man Nikita Savchenko (@forsakengalaxy) who just turned 20. Remember this name!

Thanks to teaching and curating I now have a wonderful opportunity to discover and support future stars.

Nikita is one of the very first participants in my international photography project for children and young people under 20 who send me their photos through Instagram. He blew me away with his striking, evocative cinematic photography and as he is studying film I cannot wait to see his vision unfold in this rich medium.

Just like me Nikita was born in Ukraine and is exploring his creative voice and a free-flowing multicultural identity oversees - in Canada.

It’s a bit of a proud moment for me: as of today Nikita is officially a graduate and an honorary older brother of Children of Vision. 😀 Happy birthday Nikita!!

Alina Kisina