Public Talks and other Speaking Engagements

Alina at Arsenal by Arsenal Photographer.jpg

Alina is a passionate communicator and a public speaker, who delivers talks to audiences of all ages and abilities. Past presentations include numerous gallery talks, artist talks for diverse community groups, inspirational assembly presentations in schools, university lectures and tutorials, and TV and radio appearances.

These talks tend to go in parallel with Alina's current projects and work in progress, and are custom-designed to best suit particular audiences and context. 


Previous talks include:

  • Children of Vision - The role of communication in the creative practice

  • Children of Vision - Creativity transcending disability.

  • City of Home - Working with reflections and abstract concepts to capture the invisible.

  • The Role of Intuition - How both intuition and serendipity play important roles in the creative process.

  • Women’s Gaze - An overview of inspiring women photographers, who work with children, Children of Vision.

  • Photographer’s Journey - Looking at the first steps and creative experiments that helped define long-term creative direction.


If you would like to arrange a talk or find out more, please get in touch.